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Men’s Active wear brand 2GO is planning for expansion of its product and it is concentrating on active wear rather than sports wear. And for this, the company is planning to reach out through all the possible ways to make its product a big hit in the market. The company designs, manufactures, and markets its product by itself. The company is planning to touch 150 crore turnover in the future and  gives an affordable price to satisfy its customers and give them the best price available in the market with a qualitative product range. The brand has a different product line track pants, T-shirts, shorts and sports socks which have got a high quality fabric and a long durable product value. To bring new changes and improve the design, the company has a tie –up with a famous USA design house to improve on its design and on stitches and other fine details of the outfit. Today with increasing market competition the demand for proving on the design is very important and that is the reason why the company is concentrating on the design of its men’s active wear. 


The company has got some exclusive designs in different segments like nine different styles of shorts, five in sports socks, 20 colors in T-shirts and 16 lines in track pants. For autumn winter collection, the company is planning to launch heavier and brighter collection of fabrics as the season demands. The track pants from the brand are available at a very reasonable price range of Rs.585 to Rs.745 which is quite affordable and competitive price range. Men’s active wear brand 2GO develops its products with lot of quality test and checking out the best material available to design them. The colors used are tested and they are checked with their colour-fastness property. 

To increase the market value of the product, the company is planning to reach out to large network through 1500 MBO and is aiming at 2500 MBO in future. The brand is planning to concentrate at II tier cities for the future developments of the brand and reaching out to many customers. It is planning for exports to the Middle East countries mainly. And the brand is planning 18 EBO a year which will increase its brand value and more stores and network will increase its product value. 

This active sports wear is known for its light wear quality and its flexible moves for a sports person to play. The fabrics used to design this active wear are made out of stretchable elastic quality material which gives an ease to the wearer for their best performance. Spandex is the base material used here to absorb sweat. This active wear outfit is fashionable and has got excellent thermal and wicking property which makes the garment more comfortable for the wearer. When a person will wear this active wear garment, he will feel light and when they are on the field playing some sports or while workouts this will breathe with the person they are wearing it and at the same time this will make them feel comfortable.

 This blog has been posted by Shweta Aggarwal on current news on Men’s Active wear brand 2GO that they are planning to make new men's cloth collection in market.

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