Men’s Fashion: Style Rules to Dress up In a Suit

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Whether you are a regular formal office guy who needs to dress smart to take on the competition in corporate world or the one with creative instinct who just loves to dress up in a style, suit remains the basic of your idea of looking good. The timeless, adaptable and sometimes maligned suits for men are considered the root of fashion and are also a safest bet when you have limited options to save yourself from a fashion blunder. But, not all men have the panache to carry suits the way they are meant to be. It needs a great deal of effort and some style rules to perfect the details of dressing up in a suit.

So get your basics clear with our simple style rule guide for men to perfect their suit attire.

Suit style

Suit style

Give Importance to Jacket Lapel

The width of the lapel of your jacket and the width of your tie should be same to create a balance in your look. Also, you should opt for thin lapels over broad lapels, which are more old school and give an outdated look.

Shoulder Fitting is the Key to Power Dressing

No matter whether you are getting your suit stitched or picking it off the rack, just make sure that the shoulders of both the variants should give you a completely etched out fitting rather than looking sloppy. So make sure that they don’t stick up or stick out giving the impression of an ill fit suit.

Accessorize it Well

The belt you are wearing with your suit should be fairly thin with formal accents. Also, the color of your belt and shoes should be the same to create a fine color balance.

Vents At The Back Are Important Too

Single vent at the back might look like a classic choice to many but double vents in the back are modern and look more fashionable. The flattering double vents at the back are an excellent choice for men with larger frames as they give them enough room to pull ‘hand in pocket’ style effortlessly.

Knot of the Tie

Classic Windsor knot for your tie is the safest bet for every man, but you can experiment with it by determining the size of your head. Men with bid head should go for full Windsor knot, whereas men with small head should opt for half Windsor knot to finish off their suited look.

Keeping an eye on these basic style rules while dressing up in a suit can help a great deal in achieving that perfectly suave look for yourself that too without too much of effort


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