Men’s Fashion – Summer 2013, what you should be wearing

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Summer is upon us and that can mean only one thing for fashionistas – a seasonal update in the wardrobe department. Summer 2013 is set to be pretty special, with Glastonbury festival making its return, Fleetwod Mac reuniting for a world tour and Thai dye making a comeback for the first time since the hazy days of the summer of love. So what is going to be “in” this summer?

New Balance sneakers6799828628_16845c3096_z

New Balance has been adopted by the hipster for a good number of years now, but this summer the Boston-based sneaker company is set to take the world by storm. Initially manufactured in 70s as a specialized shoe, New Balance has since gone on to produce some of the most iconic running shoes of modern times. New Balance take on a distinct look and are produced to a much high standard than the likes of Nike and Adidas. With the ability to look good with rolled up chinos, shorts and jeans – New Balance are a must for summer 2013.

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6810985301_5db0a247a6_zOk so you may think this is a late April’s fool, but believe it or not Thai-dye is set for a big return this summer. Thai-Dye was originally a look adopted by the hippies in the 60s who acquired a taste for the psychedelic ink-stain look whilst on their travels across the Far East. Hippies would Thai-dye basketball jerseys creating custom basketball jerseys that would look great in the baking heat of festivals such as Woodstock. Summer 2013 is now seeing a Thai-Dye revival with the likes of Lacoste and Jungmaven creating some surprisingly “groovy” Thai-dye inspired pieces that will look equally good at Leeds and Reading festival.

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Ok so you may associate cagoules with your nerdy Geography teacher, but they can look surprisingly cool (especially when attending a British festival). Cagoules were a favourite of the “Casual” movement of the 1980s with brands such as Peter Storm and Berghaus supplying this fashionable mob. Today “cags” (as the young scallies of the 80s referred to them) are a must for any savvy summer festival goer. Peter storm and Berghaus still manufacture their once sort after cagoules, but today the likes of Patagonia and K-Way produce much more stylish and contemporary cagoules.


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Surf Print Shirts

Much like the Thai-dye choice, you may think this a practical joke, it’s really not. Surfer print shirts have been the favourite of (not-so-cool) Hawaiians for decades now, but this summer the world will be wearing surfer print. The general theme of fashion in summer 2013 is anti-fashion, some great surf print pieces have been released this summer with the likes of Lightning Bolt, 83390, Lacoste and Engineered Garments releasing surf inspired ranges.

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Clubmaster Sunglasses

 Worn by some of the world biggest rock stars Clubmaster sunglasses are a timeless and retro classic that will compliment any summer outfit. Combine a pair of Clubmaster’s with a surf print shirt, a pair of chino shorts, a K-Way cagoule and New Balance trainers and you will look like the hippest of hip guys this summer.



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