Most Fashionable Shopping Streets In London

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Every women want to wear fashionable clothes. The passion for shoes and bags may be the biggest passion of a women. We are going Most Fashionable Shopping Streets In Londonto tell you about the most fashionable streets in London, where you can shop:

1. Oxford Street:

– This street has over 300 shops, so you can choose from many different clothes, sizes, colors and other things;
– You can get Transport For London Contact Phone.

1.2. Negative
– The length is about 3 kilometers and you can get tired from walking around the shops;
This is one of the most famous shopping streets in the whole world. In London this is may be the most famous street, not only for shopping, but at all.

2. Regent Street:

2.1. Positive:
– Here are one of the most famous shops in London and the world. You must be happy to shop here because of all the sales that this street shops offers you;
– Included in Monopoly board games. You can buy a game, but also you can buy clothes and make you happy, not your Monopoly character;

– This Street is very long. If you are not from London you may get lost or you can get tired of walking around.

3. Bond Street:

3.1. Positive:
– More upmarket than the last two. Here you can find so many shops that you can get dizzy. This is positive on one hand, and negative in other hand;
– Here you can find all kind of things: clothes, shoes, accessories, jewellery, watches, antiques, arts and many other things. The variety is so huge that you can easy get lost in your choose;
– This street is very long, with many different shops, you can get lost and you can get angry because of so much things you are not looking for. For example, if you are searching for dress, you don't want to see so many shops for watches and man ties.

4. Carnaby Street:

4.1. Positive:
– On this street you can find over 160 shops. This is too much if you want something specifically, but if you want to go round the shops all day, to shop all day, you will love this street;
– There are and many boutiques, where you can find unique clothes, shoes and bags, which are handmade. No one
else is going to have the same cloth as you and you must be happy from this fact;
– Consists of 12 little streets. You can get lost if you are not from the city, but even if you are from London 12 streets is a serious number for 160 shops to look around.

5. Savile Row:

5.1. Positive:
– Located in Mayfair which is famous and not easy to get lost;
– Famous with the diversity of man clothes and accessories.
5.2. Negative:
– If you are women you have nothing to search for there.

London is one of the most fashionable cities in the world. Here you can find so many streets and shops that are all about the fashion. You are lucky if you live there, and if you do not – hurry up to get a ticket.

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