Natural Skin Whitening Tips for Men: Facial and Bleach

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Be good, and be healthy. Its nature, everyone want themselves to look beautiful. Men’s have a tendency to present themselves as handsome hero in the place wherever they are. By nature all are handsome and good looking, but we would like to groom our appearance with various artificial creams. Artificial creams may cause damage to the skin in long run. So as far as beauty is concerned only natural products are good for skin. To groom Men’s natural beauty there are easy homemade skin care tips, which everyone can try on their own.

Food that help in skin care are fruits like orange, lemon, watermelon, mango and etc. These are watery fruits which keeps you hydrated. In the same way to increase the glow of your skin drink more water daily.

Natural Facial Packs which anyone can make of their own is very good for skin. Few natural packs that we can prepare in home include:

Almond paste is a very effective skin whitening agent and it can make the skin bright and healthy. Milk is a cleanser which cleans the skin from dirt and make it to glow. Soak 5 almonds in milk for some time and grind it to a paste then apply it on the face in night and you can wash it in morning with normal water.

Banana curd mix is a homemade facial agent for whitening the skin. Just like milk, curd is also a natural cleanser. It helps to keep your skin and hair healthy. Men’s who are having dark spots and pimples can try this. First clean the skin with curd and then take a bowl and mix half banana with one egg white. Apply this mixture on your face and leave it for 15 minutes then wash the face with normal water. Now you can feel the brightness of your face.

Apart from this Drink more water which keeps you hydrated and it also make your skin to glow as young as possible. Drinking more water can give you more energy and it also avoids dark circles around the eyes.

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