Paleo Diet- The New Trend

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Life can be difficult and confusing, especially when we are suffering from degenerative diseases. The Paleo Diet is a revolutionary concept to solve the riddle. The research conducted in biology, dermatology, ophthalmology has unveiled the fact that our modern diet is a fad diet that contains trans fat, sugar and LDL. This is the root of obesity and life threatening diseases like Parkinson disease, diabetes, depression, infertility and Alzheimer disease.
The more you understand the type of diet you consume, the bigger clue to solving the riddle why I am not losing weight. Tune your diet to Paleo or caveman diet. It is the similar diet that our ancestors used to consume several years back. Harbouring to such a diet can provide multifarious benefits. But before that let’s understand how to build a Paleo Diet
By adding Lean Proteins
Lean Protein ensures that you get sturdy muscles, brawny bones and good immune system. Additionally, protein reduces the hunger pangs that you may feel in between the meals.
By adding a bowl of fruits and Vegetables
Fruits are rich in anti oxidants, vitamins, psytonutrient and minerals. Due to this property they assist in preventing the chances of disease like cancer, diabetes, etc.
By adding healthy fat
Healthy Fats are the recipe for life longevity. These diets are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and Omega 3 fats that prevent the occurrence of diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart.
The neat idea is to alleviate processed foods or foods that are rich in salts, sugar and starch. Limit the beverages to green tea, water and coconut water. The basic premise of eating caveman food is our bodies are designed to survive and thrive on caveman foods. Now let’s check out the health benefits.
Health Benefits of Paleo Diet
Although it is a new concept, yet this concept has ability to deliver the best results. Weight loss, strong immunity and improved blood lipids are some of the benefits of consuming Paleo Diet.
Fiber Enriched Food– Paleo Diet encourages eating foods that are rich in fiber and dietary fiber is essential to reduce the chances of constipation and it trims down the cholesterol level. Aside from that, it improves the immunity and assist in weight loss campaign.
Assist in weight loss– As stated earlier paleo diet is a low carb diet that ultimately helps to burn calories and help you to shape up your life. Above all, it is way better than eschewing diet pills.
Anti allergic food– The paleo diet is free from casein and gluten. Hence, you won’t suffer from any allergies after consuming it.
Although it is not an Average Joe’s diet, but consuming it can prevent you from range of diseases. Well, it is backed by scientific evidence that this diet reduces the chances of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Aside from that, caveman never suffered from cardio vascular diseases, so it is prudent to say this diet is healthy for your heart.
Last but not the least; there are several instances where these diets have become a powerful diet that helps in fighting against multiple sclerosis and other auto immune disease.
The last question that may be wandering in your mind is what to consume and what to avoid. Here’a quick snapshot on Paleo diet
Before starting what you should eat, understand what you shouldn’t. Trim down diary foods, grains, and processed food.
Now let’s dive into deep details what foods to Consume


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