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Tattoos have never been more popular and this is a fact. A thing originating not only back to early navy and prison tattoos but also to many ancient cultures, body ink has been around for a lot longer than you’d think. Nowadays, however, tattooing has simply become a thing of art – something to permanently decorate your body with. Well, although tattoo removal is a common thing and despite the fact that many artists do great cover jobs, you should always think before you ink! While the fairer sex allows an instantly good-looking inked look, with men, it’s a bit more difficult. This guide will help you get started with your tattoos.

Think Before You Ink
Although this catchy phrase is somewhat washed out and has been overused, there is nothing but absolute truth to it. A tattoo artist will seldom ask you whether you’re confident in your decision to get some ink under your skin, as they really shouldn’t – when you’ve arrived at the desired tattoo parlor, it is considered that you’ve already thought through it – they may give you some aesthetic advice, but other than that, you’re on your own.
Additionally, always think body parts – while women’s skin will always look decorated by tats, men have to consider more – elongated, thinner designs are best left for the extremities, while chest and back are appropriate for circular designs, for example. Just keep in mind that you should always follow what your body dictates – after all, you’re looking for the shoe that fits you, not the other way around.

Avoid the Trends
Yes, I know that dragon will look great on your arm and the dreamcatcher is generally quite a beautiful sight to see on any skin. However, the mentioned fall under the category of ‘trends’, which is to say that that’s simply what they are – not only will you be less original by choosing an overused tattoo design, but you can rest assured that the fad will go out of fashion before you can say ‘tribal tattoo’. On the subject of tribal tats, these were quite an overused trend in the 90s, diving a bit into the 2000s, but nowadays, these tend to look boring and somewhat cringe-inspiring, according to tattoos Sydney. Think of any trend as the tribal, before setting out to ink.

The Question of Why
This is quite a simple question: Why do you want ink? The fact that tattoos are permanent, something you’ll have for the rest of your life, goes to say that you really need to be sure about your decision, by asking yourself why.
Now, if you’re doing it to impress the ladies – rest assured that at some point, you may evolve into a different person, wanting to ebb away from the obvious. However, if you want ink to make yourself look good in front of the mirror, don’t drop the thing just yet. Selfish and ignorant as it sounds, you truly are doing a tat for your own convenience – I know a lot of people who have achieved better physical outlook after getting a tattoo, simply because they wanted for their tattoo to look better, for example.
Another gray area of inking is getting a tattoo in order to remember an event, a person, or a certain point in life – although this is generally frowned upon, it usually is a great and reasonable reason to do a tat – after all, you should almost never be ashamed of your choices and decisions – even if they were bad, a man’s choice is an experience in its own – something a bit of ink can help you smile in remembrance or forever ebb away from bad situations.
We have excluded selected designs from this article, because getting a tattoo is something best left to you, yourself. If you find a tat that you desire and wait more than a couple of months to see if the desire is still there, we are sure that you’ll remain forever happy and never bored

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