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Shoes winter 2014Winter is on its way to us with its cold weather, piles of snow and wet streets. It sounds like it's time for us to put our warm shoes on. But warm is not enough. In addition to being protected in such weather, we can also be fashionable and have something nice and trendy on our feet. It makes a big difference to walk the snowy streets in shoes that are warm and pretty as well. Bad weather doesn't have to mean big heavy and ugly shoes. This winter comes with great models of shoes that will make us walk the streets proudly. From biker boots, to flats and heels, there are different styles for everyone to choose from and be trendy. Let's check out what is hitting the shoe-shop shelves this season.

Casual Boots

Winter 2013/2014 is coming with a number of must-have shoe trends that you will most likely want to have in your shoe rack. Grunge is back in the game with its casual leather boot. This season boots are black and in simple shapes. They can be a little below or above the ankle and can also be flat or have a small heel. Such boots make a great choice for the coming season  – they are classic, comfortable and they give some kind of a bold look. A pair of casual leather boots is a good thing to invest in.

Lace-up Flats

Flat shoes are very trendy again this season. They are simple, ankle-high and in pastel colours. They look great combined both with jeans and jackets or skirts and coats. Flats are a great way to look effortlessly chic. There is a variety of types of flat shoes, such as jazzy flats, which are a great casual choice, or some more feminine ones. For the gentlemen, monk straps are a super trendy choice this season.

The 'Ugly Shoe'

Recently there has been a new obsession with Stella McCartney's flat shoes, known as the 'ugly shoe'. Their soles are huge, making them look medical. These shoes are for people with imagination who are not afraid to experiment.


High-heel shoes are always fashionable. This season we focus on kitten-heel and mid-heel shoes. Colours are light and neutral to go with the season.

Boots Over The Knee

Yes, the boot season is back. Boots are inevitable in the winter. Varying from tough-looking to sweet and sexy, over-the-knee boots are a must. Leather and suede boots in different colours – from beige to dark velvet, brown and black.

Men's boots

There is a wide choice of boots for men. What makes boots great is that they can fit any outfit and make a man look stylish. Generally leather and suede are used for this season's boots collection in black, brown or grey colours. Desert boots are very trendy now too. Seen both on the street and the catwalk, their presence is settling more and more in the world of fashion.


For both women and men, trainers are a great way to let your feet rest a bit and still be protected in the tough weather conditions of the winter. This season trainers combine style and comfort, allowing you to walk freely and easily. Sports shoes have definitely been through a lot of transformations during the past years and now they come back to life as a mix of luxury and comfort. Great models to consider are Adidas by Stella McCartney, Nike Dunk Sky, Converse Chuck Taylor and others.

Winter's coming and so are new trendy footwear styles. Enter the beautiful world of fashionable shoes and choose the ones you want to walk the streets in.

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