Simple Jewelry Ideas for your Everyday Office Attire

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Necklaces-and-Pendants-For-Girls-womens-8Once you're wearing that little black dress or perhaps a blouse covered with a blazer, you can't forget the finishing touches. For most women, jewelry can't be erased on their everyday attire whether it's your working attire or just the casual everyday outfit. But because work calls for a more professional look, you can't just pick any jewelry you have. You should be extra meticulous and should ensure that your accessories match your work apparel.

Read along this article and gain tips and tricks when it comes to work and jewelry.


Whether that's a scoop-neck or V-neck top, wearing a necklace is a must. However instead of wearing a layered necklace, it's more proper to go for drop necklaces. You can also wear one that has a gemstone pendant provided that the color matches your overall looks. It's also a no-no to wear colorful neck pieces or even chokers. Silver, gold, and pearl are the top three picks of most fashion designers when it comes to corporate looks.


Wearing a sleeveless blouse, three-quarter sleeves or a short sleeve top calls for bracelets. Just like the necklace, you should opt for pearls, gold and silver. Steer away from multi-layered bracelets because it will just ruin your office look. You can also wear colored bracelets provided that its color if not neither too loud nor too light such as pastel colors. Double bangles are also not advisable. If you want an edgy look, you can wear a metal cuff paired with a black dress.


Jewelry is all about details and earrings cannot be absent. Because you're wearing office attire, you should refrain from wearing tassels, chandelier or any kind of dangling earrings. Beaded ear pieces and ear cuffs are not advisable to. It's best to stick with the typical stud earrings with minimal designs. Too detailed accessories often don't match the corporate office attire.

If necklaces and bracelets are allowed to have a touch of color, earrings have a stricter rule. It's advisable to stay away from colored earrings of any kind.


The number one rule when it comes to rings is to stick with one. This means you should refrain from wearing rings on all your fingers. Connector ring is also not a professional type of accessory. Wearing huge and bulky finger pieces are also not advisable.

Less is always better

The last and final tip would be to wear less. Keep in mind that you're wearing office attire which is supposed to be semi-formal. That means your accessories should also jive to your overall looks. Over-accessorizing will be in contrast to your office looks. It will also be a big disturbance on your work especially if you have too many dangling accessories.

Accessories and jewelries can never be removed in a woman's closet. However if, you're about to finish college and about to start an office girl's life, you should also learn to adjust to the new fashion changes. Don't be afraid to make certain changes, everything that's new may feel weird but once you get used to it everything else will follow through.

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