Skincare Transformation for winter

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Winter-Skin-CareAs the sultry days of summer become a thing of the past and people migrate inside to an environment of dry heat, the moisture in your skin can be sucked out, leaving it pale, dry, ashy, and lifeless. The change in environment dictates that the way you care for your skin changes, to accommodate it. Furthermore, establishing a makeup palette that accommodates the current trends as well as gives your features a little brightening lift is in order to get you through the frigid winter months in style.

Cleansing style

It is time to bypass the foaming cleansers you used in the summer and switch to a gentler one. Often transitioning to a milky cleanser that leaves some of the moisture still in the skin can be enough, but if you struggle with extremely dry skin, you may even want to use cleansing oil as part of your skin care routine. The unsightly dry patches that sometimes appear on skin are usually a build-up of dead skin and using a gentle exfoliator on a regular basis, up to three times a week, can reduce or eliminate those spots.


As the air inside is much drier in the winter, the lightweight moisturizer you used when it was warm is no longer sufficient to combat its effects. First, it is important to time your moisturizing correctly. Technically, you should moisturize to lock any existing moisture into your skin quickly after you wash your face or step out of the shower. Instead of using a lightweight based moisturizer, switch to heavier oil based one that will actually guard against moisture loss or if you have greasyskin prone to pimples try water based, oil-free moisturiser. Be sure to look for a product that contains a non-clogging oil to avoid blemishes. Moisturizing products that contain humectants, which actually attract moisture from the environment, are often a good choice.


The sun can damage your skin year round, so you should continue using a sunscreen and applying it 30 minutes before you go outside. There are many tinted moisturizers that contain sunscreen and serve a dual purpose of skin tone evening/cover up and moisturizing on the market.

Make-up for winter

As for makeup, perhaps diversity is the key word. The classic understated beauty of a neutral nude look is always popular, but before you decide you want to forego foundation, consider the fact that it provides you with one more layers of protection from the elements. If you want to adopt a more trendy look, pay attention to your eyes and go for a smoky rich look.The rich jewel tones of semi-precious gems, like pinks, purples, blues, and greens are favoured this season, with liner that is bold and dark, or light and subtle. Bold and dark lip colours with gloss for shine and protection provide a perfect finishing touch.

If you pay attention to your skin care regime and wisely choose the current makeup fashions that suit you, while passing on those that do not, you will have a winter season with a radiant and remarkable look.

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