Small Changes to Your Diet that Can Make a Big Impact on Your Wellness

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Use with Percaution How to Use Five Household Items SafelyFor many people, successfully going on a true diet is a very difficult thing to do. They hesitate to get started. They cheat their way through, negating many of the benefits. And in a lot of cases, they quit right in the middle. Nothing about giving up the foods you are used to eating and love is easy. But if you’d like to have a healthier body, diet change is often the first thing you should tackle.

Diet change however does not necessarily mean giving up everything you like to eat. If you are smart about it, and do some research, you may find that there are some little things you could easily give up or change that would make a huge impact on your overall wellness. Here are a few of these small changes that you should seriously consider.

1. Cut back on condiments. You may not have to give up that burger or sandwich after all! You may, however, have to stop dousing them in ketchup, mayonnaise, and barbeque sauce. These things provide basically zero nutritional value, but are extremely high in negative things like sodium and sugar. Same is true with salt itself, which should be cut down in most people’s diets.


2. Eat one salad meal per day. For most people, this meal is lunch. Load your salad up with all types of green vegetables, and try to limit the amount and type of salad dressing you pour atop it. Additional toppings like nuts add to both the flavor and the healthiness of the salad. And you can even toss on some white meat chicken if you’d like.

3. Eat snacks. I know this seems counterintuitive but your body wasn’t built to eat only three meals per day. It needs fuel to keep going, and that means you need to have a snack or two between each meal. If you don’t, you will be more inclined to gorge yourself when it does come time for those meals.And no, the snack shouldn’t be a bag a potato chips. There are many healthy snacks to choose from such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

4. Lower your intake of carbs. We all know about those no-carb diets that have been all the rage for years. But if you aren’t up for completely giving up the breads and pastas you love so much, just lower both your serving sizes and the amount of times per week you eat these carb-heavy foods.

5. Cut out all soda. Out of all the suggestions on this list, cutting out sodas and other sugar-filled drinks may result in the quickest change in your overall health and body weight. These types of drinks offer no health benefits but are filled with sugar and calories that you should really avoid.

6. Cut your servings down to size. Most people tend to overeat. They pile their plates as high as they can, sit at the table after a long day at work, and proceed to stuff as much into their body as it will take. But truth be told, your body doesn’t need these types of giant meals. In order to downsize your servings, try tricking yourself by using smaller dishes or just make less food to begin with.

If you start making these and other small changes to your diet today, it won’t be long before you start to look and feel your best!

About The Author: Shawn Tremaine is a personal trainer and health and fitness writer, and has reviewed the Chicago yoga directory. When he's not working on helping others increase their health, he likes to spend it coaching his little boys soccer team.

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