Small Lovely Love Story

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Its not even half past four, I woke up before my alarm could sing. My eyes were red and weary, we were talking in phone the previous night for hours and it was around 2 when we went to bed. Yet I managed to get up early. Today is July 6, the much anticipated and most special day in my life. Her Birthday.
I had already applied leave to office. Eventhough I cannot spend the whole day with I wanted to dedicate the day for my beloved. I took bath and wore sky blue shirt which is her personal favourite. I checked the gifts I had bought for her. Dairy milk chocolates, flower bouquet, a cute teddy bear and a dress she had demanded for her bday. I checked myself in mirror thrice before leaving home.
I reached the park near her home in thirty minutes. I had asked her to come to the park by 10. Its more than a month we had met so she ll be much eager to see me and I dont want to make her wait. I waited for another thirty minutes for her. I took my cellphone to call her but soon dropped the idea. If her mom comes to know about our meeting, she ll turn furious. After ten more minutes, my angel stepped inside the park.
She was wearing a new violet tops with dark blue embroidery and a white skirt. She smiled at me from distance and waved her hands. I felt like I was alive for my entire life just to witness her smile. She came to my place and hugged me tight. I kissed her forehead and said “Happy Birthday Shakthi“. Shakthi showed real ecstasy in her eyes. I tried hard not to show my tears and showed her the birthday gifts. She happily took the gifts and gave me chocolates.
“So, how was your birthday“
“Mmm.. I dont know. Why dint you come to my room with cake like you did for my last birthday”
“Its difficult shakthi. You know what happened last month when your mom found that we were talking in phone.”
“I dont understand anything. Even I asked mom whats wrong in talking to you. She is not answering anything”
“Hmm.. Thats ok sweetheart. You be good girl and enjoy your birthday. I love you“,
I really dont want to leave. I want to spend my entire lifetime with her but her mom is few yards from us. Who wil want to invite a trouble
“Bye..” The happiness in her face faded slowly. “But tell atleast this thing..“
“Ask shakthi..“
“Why are you not coming to home these days daddy..??”
I remained silent. How can I explain about divorce to my 5 year old daughter


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