How smoking is good in pregnancy! Let’s talk

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Smoking-suring-pregnancyThe simple rule is that smoking is injurious to health. So in this regard, the smoking during the pregnancy will not be good at all. Still, some women do not obey it as they smoke during their pregnancy. In the course of time, their babies are born with some physical defects and disorders. But if we become serious about the smoking in pregnancy, then we can give birth the healthy child. Practically, smoking is prohibited during the pregnancy time. So every woman should follow some criteria about quitting smoking at pregnancy. 

The heinous effect of smoking to the pregnant woman is huge. The reason is that their babies can be born prematurely or they born death. So in this connection, during the pregnancy, smoking should be stopped. If you are a regular smoker, then you have to resist it at any cost. The umbilical cord of the mother is the lifeline for the baby who is till born in the mother's womb. When the mother smokes a cigarette, then carbon monoxide is developed in the mother bloodstreams. It will make the short supply of the oxygen to the baby's heart which will ultimately choke the heart's development and can make some disorders with it. After that when the baby will born , then you will get the baby with the defective heart. When the short supply of the oxygen happens to the baby's heart as well as it will affect the baby's brain as well, then the baby may die in the mother's womb usually. Also you should know that smoking can increase the cot death in the large proportion as well. 

Smoking during the pregnancy will kill the smooth development of the baby's body. So there will be a great chance to have a deformed baby. Actually, the deformation is happening due to the short supply of the oxygen. It is very much essential for any human body development during its stay in the womb. If somehow the shortage of oxygen is happening in the body, then some kinds of deformation in the body will be occurred which will be non-curable after the birth. Actually, the babies have to carry the deformity through their life. Even, the smoking mother will give birth the smaller baby. You should also know that a cigarette has more than 4,000 chemicals which are very much deadly for the adult human body. So these chemicals will be very much dangerous to the pregnant woman as well as her baby. 

There will be a great chance for having a miscarriage due to the smoking at the pregnant time. Even, you will have a premature baby birth which is very much conducive for the babies and their mothers as well. Although, the first three months of the pregnancy will have less effect on the mother and egg fertilization. It will start to affect on the baby when the baby's body is forming in the mother's womb. 

So, smoking will not be a good option for any woman who are in the pregnancy period and the mother should avoid it during this important time period. 

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