Some Tips to Best Your Shots in Baby Photography

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hots in Baby PhotographyPhotography is a very challenging hobby or even as a career. Just like the medical field, photography also has specialization.

One of the niches in photography is baby photography, and probably one of the challenging. When a photographer engages in baby photography, he must be patient enough to wait for the baby’s temperament to be full of smiles and laughter. Even having baby photography ideas is a hard time to think about. Here are some tips for baby photography and baby photography ideas.

  1. Set up a good light

Just as any photography set it is important to have a good light source. Don’t set up any light that may be too bright for the baby, photography needs neutrality for the photo to look realistic or it will be a flop. Take out your flash since you will be shooting indoors.

  1. Find the best position for the baby

Some of the baby photography ideas are to keep the baby awake and full. You also might want to try placing toys in front of the baby for him or her to pick up and play with it. Baby photography encourages fun and gentle shots. Also angle your flash about 45 degrees away from the baby. Having the flash flat on the baby could flatten the image with no shadows at all

  1.  Consider your flash

Sometimes baby photography is best when the infant is asleep. So don’t have a very bright and strong flash which comes on and off every few seconds or you’ll wake the baby up. It will start a problem with the photographer and the client as well. Babies are hard to rock back to sleep and the equipment to set-up is too expensive to keep on. Move the power down or push the flash further away.

  1. Diffuse the Light

Soft light works best with baby photography. Grab a soft box or an umbrella which can diffuse light on the subject. Like what is mentioned above, a flat image would distort the gentleness of the baby. Another baby photography idea is to have a lot of reflectors which could also diffuse the light more. Go for white light and background to keep the purity in the subject of the photo. Babies look cuter when they are highlighted more than the background in the studio or even their props.

  1. Combine Light Sources

There is no baby photography rule which say you could not combine your light sources. Of course you may use even window light aside from the flash that you have just set-up. A wise idea is know where your light comes from and where it hits your subject so you could play around with shadow.

Photography is an endearing job but it requires a lot of courage and patience to be a photographer. However, the fruit of your labor in baby photography and in any other type of photography is fulfilling once you see your output. So enjoy photography as it is and click your subjects away.

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