SOS alert for Girls – Life Savers

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SOS alert for Girls – Life SaversGirl’s lives are in critical condition in this criminal and injustice world. Nowhere at no time is safe for a girl to be alone. Even a toddler girl needs protection from the male animals. Here are some apps which can be used for women safety.
Circle of 6 by ISIS and the Line Campaign.Inc

Free app requires iOS 4.0 and above which allows you to choose 6 trusted persons to connect and stay close, stay safe and prevent any kind of violence about to happen. When you alert the app, it sends pre-programmed SOS message to your trusted circle with a map using GPS showing your location. Two taps is all it need to alert your small pack of 6. Service for customized two national hotlines are in this app which helps to alert the emergency number about your situation and call for help.

B safe size – 3.72MB

Free android app which is designed to set your safety network of friends and family as many as you need. It is a GPS-based safety alarm that sends text/call to your network while pressed the red SOS button. This informs your exact location and situation to your network when the alarm is triggered. Moreover the people in your network can follow you wherever you go, from their home with the live GPS tracking. So that, you will never be alone, wherever you go. Somebody will be there to keep an eye on you. It can also trigger fake call to help you get rid of the uncomfortable persons. For the extra features to be activated, b safe premium is at $1.99/month.

Life 360 Family Locator by Life 360 size – 5.25MB

It is an accurate family locator which locates family members in private map. Hence it is compatible with all kinds of mobile, all family members can be tracked without difficulty. It also enables family group chat. This app is very useful in locating your family members during disasters like earthquake, etc. and also helps to locate the stolen/ misplaced mobile. You can set a specific person and place to track whether the member is at the specific place in time.

SOS Whistle

Free app with a button, which blows a loud whistle when pressed once, and stops, when pressed again. It blows even when the mobile is in silent mode. It indicates your need for help while needed.


It is a paid app, compatible with all smart phones and Java-based feature phones. When the panic button is pressed, it alerts your family and friends with SMS/email as per your settings and shows your location on the Google map. The app can also be connected with Facebook which posts SOS status along with map on your wall.
Don’t dare to cause false alarm/play with these apps. They are life savers. Who knows? Someday it can save your life.

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