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Today’s cars are mostly digitalized. More traditional drivers and aficionados of old-timers may say that the modern technology makes the driver less involved, but we can’t deny that these new systems make you a better driver. If you have a new generation vehicle, certain systems like intelligent tires, digital speedometers and heads up displays, satellite navigation systems, etc., may be already built-in your vehicle, but there are also great gadgets and Android/iOS applications that may help you be a better and more conscientious driver.
There are apps and gadgets that can function with a system called On-Board Diagnostics generation two (OBD-II) which provides important information about what is going on under the hood of your car. The OBD-II has a 16-pin connector near the instrument table and drivers can connect an Android or iOS phone to it and get various stats regarding the car.

Here are some of the gadgets and apps which may be of great assistance to your driving:



1) One of the most popular OBD-II iPhone apps is DevToaster’s Rev. It shows you how you are driving, how your car behaves. By recording the acceleration and braking and tracking your car’s performance over a particular course, it shows you how efficient your travel actually is. We can say that this type of app basically brushes up on your driving lessons knowledge, conveniently on the road. It has a small display in which it displays real-time data. An additional OBD-II transmitter is required.

2) FLX Kiwi Drive Green is a standalone OBD-II gadget with a similar function, and it can serve as a driving coach. It has a variety of efficiency coaches that test your driving abilities, such as the best possible fuel economy, and measures fuel costs on different trips. There are less expensive versions of the gadget, like PLX Kiwi MPG and PLX Kiwi WiFi/Bluetooth, which do not have efficiency coaches and display information (fuel economy, car performance) on a smaller display.

3) A great diagnostic gadget is the CarMD, a one. It finds out why a certain warning light on your instrument table is illuminating, takes you to a website where the problem is explained, suggest the best solution for the malfunction and even estimates the price of the possible repair (which you can confirm at the repair shop).

4) OBDroid is an Android application which requires an OBD-II Bluetooth transmitter. It shows the vehicle and engine performances, fuel economy stats. The OBDroid also functions as a fault-code reader and describes what the code means on your smartphone display.

5) GasBuddy is an application which helps you locate the cheapest gas station (the app can only be used in USA and Canada). All you need to do is to enter your location info and it will provide a list of gas prices in that area.

6) Trapster. An application which helps you decide about your driving route. It displays information about traffic jams and accidents, construction sites, speed traps and red light cameras, thus presenting you the best possible route for your drive.

7) One of the best, free and easy-to-use apps that functions as GPS navigation systems is Waze. Instead of a standalone GPS gadget, most people find it convenient to just pull out their phone and use a previously installed GPS app. Waze is quite interesting and serviceable, has a good location database, and gives nice drive-optimized directions. It has voice narration and learns your usual routes, thus guiding you using those exact routes instead of its own. It gives you info about traffic conditions and road hazards, and even notifies you when a Facebook friend is driving towards the same destination.

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