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Teenagers can be difficult to please, and every family member has their own opinion on the best place to visit for vacation. While there are steps you can take to ensure a peaceful trip, choosing the perfect teen-friendly place for vacation is essential. Attention must be given to the type of destination, activities/events available and where one will be staying during the trip. To make the decision easier, consider the following options.

Universal Orlando Resort

Theme parks will always win over teenagers! Orlando is a lovely place to be during the summer and can be quite the attraction for a family. There is always something to do during the day or night, and this is what sets it apart from other options. The Universal Orlando Resort has become immensely popular over the years due to its high quality. Family entertainment options are endless! There is a dance club at the resort that hosts teen nights to encourage young people to party safely and have fun with kids their own age. The resort takes care of everyone, and there is something the entire family can enjoy.

The lodging choices are easy, increasing the appeal of this resort. The Hard Rock Hotel is one of the favorites among tourists because of its underwater feel. This can make sleeping and lodging there an absolute joy. Teenagers love the atmosphere of this resort.

Triangle C Dude Ranch

This is the place to be for those looking to go on a Wild West adventure! This sense of adventure really engages teens. There are bike trips to be had, outdoor breakfasts and so many cool things to do. Teenagers will constantly be entertained with the dance clubs on site and other entertainment designed for youth. The Wild West feel is what sets this ranch apart from other options.

The lodging choices are straightforward. There is always a place to stay, and the quality of the lodging is very high. Just hang out at the ranch and enjoy the incredible, adventurous entertainment!

Four Seasons (Costa Rica)

This is the most scenic choice among these options. Teenagers and parents will both quickly fall in love with the area. There is a sense of tranquility about Costa Rica unmatched by other vacation spots. There is always something to do at the Four Seasons, ranging from kayaking to hiking through the nearby rainforest. It is truly an exploration of one's love of nature and all that the planet has to offer in terms of beauty.

The lodging options are easy. There are large rooms available with high-quality service provided throughout the day. There are even suites that have a canopy feel to them. It is truly a delightful place to be for the entire family!

All of these choices would stave off boredom from your teen and keep them out of trouble! Plus, they all offer lifelong memories that will leave your teen reminiscing for years to come


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