The Biggest New Trends in Alternate Fitness Classes

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Bootcamp Fitness

When you want to make positive changes to your current lifestyle by adding more fitness into your daily regime, you can do so by seeking out new trends in health and fitness and alternate fitness class options. Taking a class in fitness is highly beneficial as it adds accountability into your life while also giving you group support to help with staying as motivated as possible, by working with others on accomplishing any weight loss and fitness goals you have set for yourself.


Zumba is a form of Latin dance that has recently hit dance studios and living rooms across the globe. Zumba involves high-paced dance moves and an intense workout activity that helps participants to burn calories and excess fat while having fun. Zumba is available in group classes and also at fitness centers depending on where you live and the options you have available near you. Zumba is often done in 30, 45 and 60 minute intervals and allows you to gain flexibility while learning to dance to a variety of music.

Bootcamp Fitness

Another option to help you get in shape are bootcamp fitness classes and programs. A bootcamp fitness program involves multiple participants and most often, a personal trainer to help with guiding you along the way based on your current weight and your fitness goals (both short and long-term). Bootcamp fitness groups and classes vary in the type of exercises that are required depending on whether you are simply looking to lose weight or if you are interested in working on your shape and the image of your body overall. Some bootcamp fitness groups are available indoors using different machines whereas other groups may only be outdoors and during spring and summer months.


Taking a spinning class is another popular fitness trend that is available in gyms and fitness centers around the country. Spinning includes being in a large group of individuals while completing set amounts of times or circuits using a stationary bicycle. Spinning classes help you to get your heart pumping and your body circulating its blood properly, ideal if you work in an office or need to "get moving" on your feet again after a long day.

Strength Training

Strength training helps you to gain insight into the type of weights and machines will work for specific parts of your body so you can sculpt your body in any way you see fit. Strength training is also vital if you are losing weight but you want to maintain the muscle mass you have during the process. Incorporating strength training will help you to achieve a healthy physique while learning all about the types of muscles you have in your body so it is easier for you to maintain them.

The Guest author of this post was Jonny Grant. Jonny is based at the Chill Factore; Manchester’s exciting indoor ski slope. Although they predominantly offer ski and snowboard sessions, the Chill Factore also run both Zumba and Bootcamp Fitness in the snow!


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