The Cost of Addiction 4 Financial Consequences of Substance Abuse

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Most people understand that substance abuse can be very costly, but they usually do not think of this cost in monetary terms. When people think about the costs of substance abuse, they usually envision health problems. Although health problems are a cost of substance abuse, the monetary costs of substance abuse are tremendous. When people begin to abuse drugs or alcohol, they will begin to spend a lot of money to maintain their habit.

Drugs and alcohol can cost a person hundreds of dollars each month. As people get more dependent on the drugs, the more money they will spend. Not only will they spend money, but they also risk losing a lot of money. For example, when the abuser cannot make it to work because he or she is high or drunk, then this will lead to absences at work. If the person is not at work, then there is no way he or she can make money. Furthermore, an excessive number of absences can possibly lead to termination.

A second way that substance abuse can be costly is the medical expenses it will create. The medical bills can occur for a number of reasons. The primary reason is because substance abuse will lead to a decline in a person’s health. Substance abuse can lead to cancer, high blood pressure, liver problems, and even death. A secondary reason for medical costs is that when the person is high or drunk, he or she increases his or her risk for injury. 

When people abuse drugs or alcohol, their insurance may be more expensive. When people abuse these different substances, they may get convictions for being intoxicated or impaired while driving. These types of convictions can drastically raise a person’s insurance rates. Also, when people are convicted of these crimes, insurance companies have the option to terminate the policy. When the policy gets terminated, the person increases his or her chances of being sued if an accident happens. 

A final way that substance abuse can be costly is that it leads to expensive legal fees. When people abuse these substances, they are usually unaware of their actions. As a result, they tend to do things that will cause them to get into trouble. Once this happens, they are dependent on a lawyer to represent them; however, the lawyer will charge very expensive legal fees in order to represent the person.

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