The Healthiest National Food Chains

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Lower Your Grocery Bill Tips of The Savvy ShoppersNational food chains are often seen as the home to some of the unhealthiest food around. From fast food spots that serve burgers and fries, to cross country restaurants that only worry about taste, there are many establishments that spread across the nation that are truly detrimental to one's health.

But not all national food chains are like this. Some pride themselves on serving healthy food that still pleases taste buds of individuals throughout the country. Here is a list of some of the healthiest food chains in the nation that provide delicious–and healthy–food.

Panera Bread

Known for its delicious soups and incredible artisan breads, Panera Bread is a national food chain that is full of healthy options that still carry delicious taste. At this establishment you can order tasty sandwich combinations that come on tortilla wraps or whole-grain bread, and you can pair them with fruit instead of other unhealthier sides. You can order soup, salads, or sandwiches at half-size, so portion control is easy. They also offer organic yogurt and baked chips for those looking for a tasty surprise. As long as you stay away from the pastries behind the counter, you will find that Panera Bread is full of healthy choices that will dazzle your taste buds.

Au Bon Pain

This national food chain was one of the original creators of healthy fast food. Here you can find a variety of small-plate dishes, ranging from creative salads, to delicious fruit appetizers, to incredible soups. The portion sizes are minimal, allowing diners to order one or two items for a small snack, or share a few dishes with friends for a great dining experience. While some of the dishes contain more sodium than would be ideal, Au Bon Pain certainly provides diners across the country with a healthy escape from regular fast food options.


This great Mexican-food inspired chain is one of the healthiest options for people who want a taste of something from south of the border. Chipotle offers burritos, tacos, enchiladas, salads, and more, all with organic and hormone-free meats, and high-quality ingredients for everything else. Chipotle also allows diners to remove the tortilla or taco shell from their dish, creating a healthier bowl that uses lettuce as a base. Salad never tasted so good!

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Wait, bagels are healthy? They can be, as long as you stay away from covering them in a mountain of butter and cheese. Einstein Bros. Bagels lets you go wild, though, with their offering of low-fat cream cheeses and shmears, all of which are still creamy and delicious. Or, if you would rather, you can order an egg sandwich or wrap that combines healthy eggs and sausage with a tortilla or bagel–this is a delicious and healthy way to start any day.

On top of this Einstein Bros. Bagels also offers freshly squeezed orange juice, and provides a salad menu for diners who are looking for something greener. This bagel shop takes a step away from normal to create healthy options across the country.

Eating Healthy in the Nation

National food chains don't always have to be unhealthy. This list of food chains across the countries shows some that are dedicated to serving healthy food, all while serving some of the tastiest treats in the nation.


This article was contributed by Samantha Greenbaum, health-conscious mother of two and novice chef. If you are in the Texas area and are looking for a tasty TexMex treat, Samantha suggests Mattitos.

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