The Modern Traveler: Staying Up-to-Date with Trending Tourism

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The modern traveler has so many choices to make. Where to go, what to do, what to experience, who to see, and what to try are all questions they ponder about before jetting off on a flight or exploring new surroundings in a rental car. And this year, there are many trends being uncovered that suggest certain destinations, landmarks, hotels, and cities. It has also become quite popular to take “alternative vacations” and do things like eco-tourism, budget travel, or “staycations.” A few of these popular trends will be discussed, and a few suggestions will be provided.

Top Countries to Visit

Lonely Planet is a great resource for travel tips. Information such as visa requirements or suggestions on where to grab a bite to eat is covered. This all-inclusive guide is a favorite among solo and group travelers, and even provides some recent travel trends, including a comprehensive list of the top 10 countries for visiting in 2013, and the top two highly rated are:

Sri Lanka: This is an island nation in the Bay of Bengal with a tumultuous past, which included a tsunami in 2004 and civil war until 2009, and has remained one of the most off-limits destinations for travelers. But since the conflict has ended and the tourism industry has started to develop, Sri Lanka offers affordable prices, rich culture, and convenient transportation from Bangkok.

Montenegro: Dubbed the "emerging superstar with wild beauty," Montenegro takes pride in its nature. The Bay of Kotor and the beaches along its Riviera give the traveler the classic Adriatic experience for only half the cost. At the same time, Montenegro offers great hiking in its wild and rugged interior. New networks of hiking and biking trails and improved infrastructure have made the country more accessible and tourist friendly.


Top Regions to Visit

Another trend that has come around recently is visiting a certain region and soaking it up completely. Many travelers visit a location, look at its monuments and attractions, check out its nature, try its local fare, and then head for the next spot. The difference is that this type of travel only has one location and aims at understanding a specific region. According to Lonely Planet, the top regions to visit in 2013 are:

Corsica, France: This is where the Italian and French cultures come together and give the great Mediterranean beauty definition. Its geography gives Corsica a unique outline that attracts not only the adventurous types, but those seeking peace and quiet. Beware, though, prices can be a bit steep.

The Negev, Israel: Called a "desert in throes of transformation," the Negev has been considered a desolate desert until today. It is a giant greenhouse of development with eco-villages, spa resorts, and even wineries. The region is slowly transforming to modernize itself, which makes it a wonderful destination.

Top Inexpensive Destinations

Budget travel has become popular over the last few years for Americans, due to relaxed visa requirements and the rise of the tourism industry in numerous countries and regions. According to Reader’s Digest, the top two cheap travel destinations in 2013 are:

Spain: Due in part to its current unstable economic situation, Spain is an affordable, gorgeous getaway, known for its beautiful beaches, proximity to Africa, and vibrant nightlife.

Greece: This lovely country makes a super addition to your itinerary because it is affordable and offers plenty of museums, historical tours, and some of the best cuisine on Earth.

Top Staycations

Much needed rest is important to everyone, and in order to kick back and relax it is not necessary to leave the country or even your home. You can have an excellent (and affordable) vacation at or near home. By indulging in activities like backyard camping, getting a hotel room in your own city, renting a fun new car for a few days or visiting tourist sites in your city, you can enjoy some down time, create lasting memories, and not break the bank while doing it.


One of the most popular travel trends has become ecotourism, which allows people to connect to the environment and ensure that travel activities are sustainable and responsible. Today’s tourist not only wants to see the world but help sustain it, too. Things like lake surfing, cycling, mountain biking, and safaris are some common examples. Great destinations include Costa Rica, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, and Kenya.

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