The Treasure of Rio

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There is rarely a place in Brazil or South America for that matter that is less popular and less beloved or preferred by tourists than Rio de Janeiro. It is not simply one of the greatest touristic centers in the world of all times, it is much more with its furious unique, unparalleled in their majesty and fun sorts of entertainment and its breathtaking sights. 


First of all, remember that Rio is one of the most lavish and luxurious touristic attractions ever but that doesn’t mean you won’t have as much fun as ordinary people there if you don’t bring a whole suitcase of money. The beaches are tax-free and the prices throughout the whole town are relatively normal. However, keep in mind that if you just try from the ordinary stuff and you keep to the usual enjoyable things you won’t be able to feel Rio at its most entertaining and Rio should remain in your memories as anything but ordinary. The people in Reo are unusually friendly and so will be the sellers in the little shops and many of the big ones as well. You will discover that part of Rio’s delight is nothing short of its big crowds of cheerful people running through the streets during the day and the night.

However, the thing that usually is the main reason for Rio’s tourist popularity and its notorious fame of a world tourist center is without doubt whatsoever the Praia Flamengo and its surroundings that will inspire you and literally take your breath. The beach there is so perfectly situated that all you need is a comfortable chair, a tasty refreshment and you will be able to find yourself in a real heaven-in a place where the plain sight of Guanabara Bay will inspire you immediately and the beauty of the astounding look of the nearby settlements will add up to the remarkable feeling. Praia Flamengo is also quite distinguishable with its spacious, beautifully ornamented and designed park. You can come here with anyone and with as many people as you like-the place is big enough and most importantly it is filled with enough things to satisfy its numerous visitors. Regardless of your age and preferences, you will find something entertaining and refreshing in Flamengo Park-it’s pure green outlook and its wonderful equipment provides it with the look of a dreamy place and in deed you will have such good memories after you have finally finished with the park of Praia Flamengo that it will actually feel as a sweet dream which you will be eager to re-experience.

Another side of Praia Flamengo which is irreplaceable and very difficult to match by any other tourist destination worldwide is without doubt the restaurants and the kitchen. Not only do the food facilities in Praia offer spectacular views the likes of which you can only enjoy in Rio but also their level of cooking and the professionalism of their cooks are astounding. It doesn’t matter if you choose to order something cheap or something relatively expensive-it will not simply be tasty, but delicious and you will leave the place not only with a sense of fine atmosphere and a smile on your face but without doubt with a full stomach as well.


Praia Flamengo is what would describe as the perfect resting spot and the perfect location for your holiday, especially if Brazil is the country he or she has always wanted to visit.

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