The Versatility of Scarves

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Finding accessories that are versatile enough to not be restricted to a couple of outfits can be a challenge, to say the least. Luckily, there does exist an accessory that can be worn time and again without ever being played out: the scarf.

Scarves are an excellent option for streamlining outfits that may be a bit lackluster on their own, but also double as a functional tool for providing warmth and keeping the elements at bay. Regardless of your choice, a scarf will assuredly earn its keep in your closet. For those that aren’t so sure how to incorporate scarves into their wardrobe, or aren’t sure what scarf styles are available, here are a few examples of some lightweight scarves that can be worn for any occasion under the sun.

The Sailor Scarf

The sailor scarf can add a splash of nautical style to nearly any outfit. Especially effective for the summertime, the sailor scarf is the perfect accent for an outfit put together to be worn in low-70 to mid-80 degree weather. 2The Versatility of Scarves

For a look that can take you from running errands around town enjoying a night out with the girls, try pairing this scarf with a pair of white Capris, navy blue boat shoes and a gray drop-shoulder shirt. The lightweight nature of the scarf won’t be too overwhelming during the day, but will be effective at keeping chilliness away during the night.

If the beach is your destination, add this scarf to a pair of light blue denim shorts, flip-flops and a tank top to make sure you’re ready for whatever the day has in store.


The Boho Scarf

The boho scarf, with its tribalesque patterns and earth tones, can add impeccable flair to any outfit. Though it is a standout item for wintertime wear, the boho scarf can easily transcend seasons as a year-round staple in your wardrobe.

For a winter look that’s sure to turn heads, make use of this scarf with a pair of chocolate brown real or imitation suede boots, dark blue jeans and a chunky knit, cream-colored sweater

The Versatility of Scarves

If you’re planning on going straight from the office to happy hour, you might want to use the boho Scarf to dress down your work attire. Try going with a pair of dark slacks, one-inch heels and a navy blazer, using the scarf to make a smooth distinction between work and play.

The Dip Dyed Scarf

A unique piece to be sure, the dip dyed scarf refuses conformity and defies season-specific labeling. A throwback to the days of tie-dye, the dip dyed scarf will appeal especially to those with a taste for whimsical, creative fashion.

Though endless clothing combinations exist for this scarf, a foolproof outfit would be a pair of your favorite boots; an ankle-length, earth tone sundress, and a light colored blouse.



1The Versatility of Scarves

Also the perfect piece for an ‘80s revival look, throw this scarf on over a neon drop-shoulder shirt, equally bright leggings and some black heels for a red, retro ensemble. Don’t forget the scrunches!

These are just a few examples of how scarves can be used to add flair to what would normally be a mundane outfit. Whether being used for form or function, adding a lightweight scarf to your garment arsenal won’t be a decision that you will regret anytime soon.

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