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You are finally going to your dreamed trip with your spouse or family? Congratulations – this is a great piece of news! You feel thrilled and happy about this long-awaited vacation but haven't been on a holiday for so long that you can't really remember how to do it? And here you are, in the middle of nowhere, not knowing where to start. Take it easy, because we are right here for you with a few great pieces of advice that  will help you plan your trip.

All you do is follow a few easy steps that will guarantee your that you won't forget the important stuff.

Travel Tips1. Organize your documents

Make sure you have a valid passport that will not expire during your vacation. Check the visa requirements of the country that you are going to and have in mind that some countries require your visa before you leave your country and others give you the visa when you have already landed there. Do not forget to make an adequate travel insurance.

2. Booking a flight and making a reservation for an accommodation

One of the milestones of organizing your trip is booking a flight and a hotel. Check the prices of a few travel agencies because there is always a difference in the prices, which sometimes can be really significant. Ask all questions that you find important and require some information about all taxes and extra charges that are not included in the overall price.

3. Make all necessary vaccinations

Have in mind that the vaccinations are often against diseases such as typhoid fever, malaria and hepatitis. Go and see your doctor to make sure you have all vaccinations that you need, especially when you are going to a country where you have never been before. Ask your doctor what medicines should you take with you and which ones you may skip.

4. Find someone to look for your home while you are away

Your home will need someone to look for it even while you are away. So, make an agreement with a friend or a member of your family to check on the house, pay the bills, water the flowers and get your mail. An empty house can be an attraction for burglars.

5. Organize all things that must be done while you are away

It is a great idea to make a list of the things you intend to do while on a trip. Make a research on the Internet and find some information about the destination you are going to. If you want to attend a certain event, make sure you book your tickets in advance. It is also useful to pick some landmarks that you want to visit in order to prevent a lot of disappointment and divagation.

6. Make a list with all the stuff you are taking with you

Make sure you start making your list at least a couple of weeks before you go on your trip. This could be very useful in order to prevent forgetting some stuff you want to take with you. After you make the list, prepare your luggage at least a day or two before your departure.

7. Take care of your money

If you are going to a country you have never been before, you will need some information about the local currency. Credit cards will give you some comfort but have in mind that they can be unreliable in some parts of the world, so make sure you have enough cash. Traveler's check is also a great alternative.

8. Keep in touch

No matter where are you planning to go, make sure you have your notebook with all necessary addresses and telephones. Leave your coordinates to some of your friends and do not forget to check on the Internet for some information about your country's Embassy in the country you are going to.

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