Tips for Teens: 4 Things You Should Know Before They Drive

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As a teenager, getting your driver's license is probably one of your main goals. You'll have freedom like you've never had before. If you don't have the proper respect for the power of your car and the nature of traffic, you could put yourself and others in a lot of danger. You've probably learned a lot in driver's education and by practicing with your parents, but here are four tips you should know before going out on the road.

Beware of Other Drivers

We share the road with millions of other drivers every day. For the most part, these drivers are courteous and safe, but defensive driving skills are a must on any road. Be aware at all times and make sure you know all the rules of the road, because illegal maneuvers are made all the time. The only way to prevent these kind of drivers from causing harm to you and your passengers is by paying attention to other cars at all times.

Patience Is Paramount

When you're driving, there will be a lot of things around you that can create a distraction. Whatever happens, pay attention to the road. No song or phone call is more important than keeping your focus on hazards and obstacles. Sit up straight and keep going the right speed. Everything can wait until you are safely stopped or parked. If you have an emergency, pull off to the side where you are visible to other drivers.

Know Your Vehicle

Cars behave in different ways depending on how they are constructed. Make sure you are completely comfortable with the vehicle you are driving before you get out on the road. Know the strength of your braking system if you have to come to a sudden stop, and be aware of your blind spots when making lane changes. Also know what limitations your vehicle has in bad weather. Many cars operate poorly in the rain or snow.

Slow Down

A Westminster Personal Injury Lawyer says teenagers are notorious for driving dangerously fast. Police see cases involving teenage drivers all the time, which are often not pretty. Getting to your destination a few minutes early is never worth the price paid in safety. There's nothing cool about driving too fast, not only does it increase your chance of getting in an accident, it makes the results of that accident so much worse. Stay safe, you have a long life to live ahead

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