Tips to Clean the house without using chemicals

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The widespread use of detergents in the home can endanger the health of its inhabitants, especially the youngest. Fragile immune systems of children with allergies often react to chemicals, and sometimes the consequences last a lifetime. This is why we need the new eco-friendly approach towards domestic habits such as cleaning. It is necessary to choose the a  clean house, but with natural resources. So you will be able to have a clean home, as you want it, without harm to the children.


Peroxide removes stains from fabrics, bleaches and disinfects. When you use it on coloured clothes, take one with lower concentration, to avoid damage to clothing. Best first try on an old garment.

Essential oils

Replace the flavours, which are full of chemicals, with natural fragrance oils. In addition, they will fill your home with fragrance and they also have different healing properties. For example, lavender soothing, antibacterial and chases moths from home. With eucalyptus oil  you will get rid of other flying insects.


Ordinary vinegar handle with limestone, dirt on glass, metal and other smooth surfaces and gives them shine. You can prepare a universal cleaner home by mixing 1 tablespoon vinegar with 1.5 liters of water in a plastic bottle with sprayer. It can clean windows, mirrors and  bathroom. In a concentrated solution can soak for several hours worn limestone vessels or clogged shower.

Lemon juice

This is a fruit acid that dissolves fat and perfectly removes odors. You only need to apply lemon juice on contaminated surfaces and wait half an hour before wiping with a cloth which is sprinkled with salt. But that is not its only use as a cleaning agent. If you want to mix it with olive oil then the ratio is 1:2, which is a quality mixture to polish for wooden furniture. Lemon juice mixed with salt wonderfully removes rust stains.

Natural soap

Most cleaners you can replace with natural soap. For this purpose, grate it finely and mix it with water. Use the solution instead of detergent. You can also replace the flooring preparations with the soap.


Baking soda is one of the most effective cleaners. To clean the oven, hob and burned craft you can make a paste of baking soda. Mix half a bag of baking soda with a little water and stir until a thick, creamy consistency occurs.

Soda has the ability to absorb odors. You can freshen up old carpets and upholstery. Sprinkle them with baking soda and leave it to stand for several hours. Finally use the vacuum. And not to feel awful odor every time when you open the refrigerator, put in a bowl with baking soda.

The most miraculous effects you can achieve with soda is to clean the toilets and drain. Pour a cup of baking soda, and then pour a cup of vinegar. You do not have to be a chemist to guess that there would be backlash from that mixture. Wait for it to stop bubbling and rinse with hot water.

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