Top 10 Fitness Exercises for Working Women

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Single leg dead lift                                                                                                        
First off chooses a moderate weight.  Keep the weight right down in front of you and lift either one of your leg behind you. When you bend keep your shoulders tight and your back flat. Basically you want to feel a stretch in the hamstring so it’s not about reaching the floor. Do 15 to 20 reps each side. This is a great toning exercise for gluteus, hamstrings and quads.

Side plank
Start off bylying on your side. Keep your arm on the floor at a 90 degree angle. Lift up and keep your legs overlapped. Raise your hips from the floor, keeping your chest high and extend the other arm towards the ceiling. Hold this position for 30 seconds or you can progress to a minute. This exercise works wonders to shrink waistline.

A proper pushup is done, keeping the whole body flat. Go down on a perfectly plank position and when you push up go back to the starting position. This exercise works on your entire body and helps you lose a lot of calories.

Tricep extension
Come into a lunge position. Keep your back nice and straight. Lift either one of your arm and keep your shoulders parallel. This exercise tones triceps.Top 10 Fitness Exercises for Working Women

Find an area where your leg goes up but make sure that your knee isn’t higher than your hip. Now step up and make sure that your other leg is straight. Once you’re done with one side switch to the other. This exercise focuses on your quads, hamstrings and your calves.

Cardio workout
You can do 60 side shuffles on each side for about one minute. Next you can do jump rope for as long as you don’t feel tired. Cardio is the most ideal work out technique to burn calories.

This is a core workout technique. For this exercise you need to lie down on your back facing the ceiling. Lift your butt up keeping the whole body nice and straight. Try to relax your ribcage and focus on your abs and the butt.

Plank with arm lift
This is an effective drill to help establish rotational stability to the shoulders, torso and the hips. You’re going to set up in a pushup position. Keep your hands underneath your chest and your feet should be wider than the shoulders width. Then lift one arm off the ground and push the same leg into the ground.

Shoulders stand
This exercise helps in strengthening the shoulders. Start off with your back flat on the ground and then slowly raise your legs and hips off of it.  Your neck should be nice and relaxed. Hold this position for a minute or you can try progressing to a minute and a half.

Sit ups
Firstly you have to lie back and bend your knees at 90 degrees. Make sure that your stomach is flat pressed against the ground and there is no space between your back and the ground. Exhale when you come up and inhale on the way back down.

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