Top 5 Amazing Places To Visit In UK

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Top 5 Amazing Places To Visit In UK

The United Kingdom is a wonderful place to visit year round. Whether you want to explore London or venture into Gloucestershire, Devon or Edinburgh it is all in the UK. Unfortunately, some of those planning a trip to the wonderful United Kingdom do not know of the most amazing places to visit. Here are the top 5 amazing places to visit in the United Kingdom.

This historic capital of England which is home to royalty is by far one of the most amazing places to visit in the UK. Some of the sights and attractions that must be experienced Big Ben, the London Eye and if you are visiting in the spring, Kew Gardens. Once you enter the grand Victoria gate you will be engulfed by the aroma of the most beautiful seasonal flowers. Those seeking live entertainment must spend time enjoying the London theatre. All you have to do is search theatre tickets London and purchase your spot in the audience of one of the many spectacular shows.

For those who are looking for stunning scenery, Gloucestershire is the destination for you. Gloucestershire consists of the Cotswolds, the Royal Forest of Dean and the Severn Vale which all offer an array of scenic views. In Gloucestershire you enjoy gorgeous villages, winding valleys and ancient forests.

Devon, one of the warmer locations in the UK is a great place to visit in the spring and summer months. It is home to beautiful coastlines and beaches as well as exciting outdoor sports to partake in.

Brighton, a vibrant English city by the sea is an amazing place to visit. The city of Brighton offers culture, food, great people and a buzzing nightlife along with the world famous Brighton beach and pier.

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a very lively city. Here you can enjoy anything from one of the city’s amazing festivals, tour Edinburgh’s countryside and view the famous attractions located in the area.

Overall, the United Kingdom is home to some of the most amazing places to visit. Unfortunately there is just too much ground to cover in one stay so you have to go for the best locations. A trip to the UK is nothing without visiting London, getting your hands on theatre tickets, and exploring the other wonderful cities such as Devon and Brighton. Experiencing the best of what the United Kingdom has to offer is only a plane, train or car ride away.


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