Top 5 Rules for Home Decorating

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Decorating your home is not rocket science! With a few simple tips, you can create an inviting space easily. Below are five rules to consider when decorating your home.

1. Make your floor plan a basis to your style

One common mistake made by many people is to purchase of furniture, fixtures and decorations according to their interests. This is not to say the vintage drawer you picked out doesn’t suit your taste. However, this object might not work in a particular room due to its shape or size. Always prioritise the floor plan of a room. Take in the scale of furniture to know if this is a good fit in your house. A room with plenty of open space looks much better than a cluttered and cramped one.

2. Choose the right colour

Colours have a significant effect on a person’s mood. For example, bright red invokes a sense of excitement. Your heart rate and blood pressure can rise without you realising. Therefore, red is not a good colour for a bedroom. You’ll feel agitated and you might find it hard to sleep at night. However, your kitchen and living room can make use of red hues as this is an area where everyone is active. If you are looking for the right colour for your bedroom, consider using softer colours like yellow and blue. Both colours provide a sense of invigoration and relaxation.

3. Make the room bright

Other than colours, light can also affect your mood. Your bio clock is set to make you more active when there is light. It can also make you more relaxed at night when there is less light. Working in a dimly lit room can make you feel groggy and unfocused. Trying to relax or sleep in a room with too much light can make you feel more agitated.

Take into consideration the amount of light each room needs. This can help you choose the right fixtures, decorations and appliance to provide the right balance of brightness. Also consider adding curtains and blinds so the light can easily be altered throughout the day.

4. Avoid choosing a furniture set

You often see sofas, chairs, tables and cabinets being offered in sets. This is a decorating novice’s trap. While furniture with matching designs can look stylish and professional, it lacks personality and interest. Try to find pieces that complement each other instead.

A good rule of thumb is to match your furniture according to your design and style. For example, a rustic table and wooden benches with brown cushions are a good combination. A glossy black desk goes well with a light coloured carpet.

5. Have fun

This is the most important rule to follow in designing your home. You are not creating a masterpiece commissioned by the Vatican. Instead, focus on creating something you like and enjoy. It should be a space that makes you and your family happy, not anyone else! Enjoy the process and try to make it a positive experience.

By following the five golden rules mentioned, you’ll have no problem in decorating your own home. Always remember to have fun and creating an inviting space will be easy! 

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