Top 5 ways to style your bandage dress

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style your bandage dressWe all love to wear bandage dresses, but how to dress them; only few of us know that. Today we are solely going to learn how to get a perfect look with bandage dress. How a dress looks on you, depends upon your body structure and this is the reason all the fashion Gurus have always emphasized on wearing a dress according to your body shape, however; not all the women keep this in mind.So we are now going to check out all types of bandage dresses and how to style them.

A-line hemline bandage dress

Hemline bandage dress is perfect for those who feel a bit uncomfortable due to the choking fitting of bandage dresses. Hemline bandage dresses are comfortable and even cuter. Hemline bandage dress gives you a bit more scope to move around.

            Styling tips:

  • Go for a bit lacey dress and try wedges with this outfit. Navy blue dress and beige color wedges go well with each other and make you look cutest doll on this planet.
  • Boots can be a good choice for hemline bandage dresses.
  • You can throw a denim jacket over your hemline dress for an even cuter look.
  • Always carry a clutch that matches your dress. Oversize clutches are also in trend these days, so you can go for them also.

Knee-grazing length bandage dress

Knee-grazing length bandage dresses are good for those girls who like to show less of their legs. These bandage dresses give you sexier look without making you feel cautious.

            Styling tips:                                                                               

  • Throw a classy blazer over your dress and you are all set for a chiller night out.
  • Try to add some accessories that draw attention from your legs, as you have already hide most of your legs.
  • Wear a light color dress and go for a satchel bag in same color as your dress and wear a bright color coat for an in-high-feather look.
  • Throw a blingy belt around your waist for a slimmer look.

Mini Bangage dresses

Mini bandage dresses are the best things to show off your best assets, yes, your legs. If you have a flattering body, mini bandage dresses are the right dresses to make you look matchless

Styling tips:

  • Mini bandage dresses are multipurpose dresses. Go for a silver color dress and carry a silver oversized clutch. That is all to set a party on fire. You can also opt for shiny white color for this look.
  • Pumps are the best things to be coupled with the mini bandage dresses. Keep them in the same color as your dress for added chic.
  • Backless mini dresses are the sexiest dresses I’ve ever seen. Sweetheart neckline dresses are even sexier, go for one that shows off your curves.
  • Try out a statement necklace with your mini bandage dress. You can throw an oversized sheer button shirt over your mini dress and tie a belt around your waist for a different look.
  • You can also use your mini bandage dress as a mini skirt. Wear a nice top over your dress and tie a wide belt at the adjoining line of top and your dress, your formal look is ready.

Floor-sweeping length bandage dresses:

Floor sweeping bandage dresses creates a dramatic look and make you the center of attraction. These dresses are for those dolls who love gaining all the attention.

            Styling tips:

  • Floor sweeping bandage dresses require fewer accessories. These dresses areformal too and make you look taller.
  • These dresses are the finest piece for social events. Try out strappy sandals with these dresses.
  • In order to look classy, tie a neat bun for your hairsor for an even seductive look, leave your hairs loose from one side.
  • A pair of dazzling earrings is adequate for a classy look. Carrying a purse or a clutch with you is optional.

So all the gorgeous dolls out there; go for bandage dresses and get ready for a graceful look. Be it prom, bridesmaid or any other event, bandage dresses have always been an apple of the eyes.

Author Byline: The article is written by Jeff; he is a fashion buff who likes to write article on different types of dresses.

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