Top Make up tips and trends for 2013

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With winter coming to an end and Spring 2013 just around the corner, the warmer season is set to bring a natural fresh faced look with just a hint of colour, taking away the cold winter effects and replacing it with warm, luminous skin tones. With the spring season underway, here are some tips and trends to keep you looking your best throughout the season.

The White Highlighter

1Whites, including vanilla and eggshell are a great way to define and highlight bone structure, either by applying  generous amounts  of the colour in wide strokes with a large makeup brush or simply applying the white to the corner of the eyes, combining it with platinum or silver accentuates the shape and defines eye colour. Whites can also be used as a top coat to fade darker tones, leaving a fresh, finished look.

Bold and Beautiful Brows

2This bold and beautiful look is clean and fresh, inspired by the 90s and is sure to make you stand out amongst the crowd. By using a pencil to add and fill colour, this will bring out the shape and texture of the eyebrows. A handy tip is to brush the hairs downwards so that the natural eyebrow shape is formed. This along with filling in the empty areas, will give you a bold and fuller look.

Perfectly pearly skin

Sheek, pearly skin is one of the most natural looks, combing beiges and gold give a flawless effect and highlights the facial structure. By applying the combination of colour pigments to the cheekbones in an upwards direction, this creates a faded out effect.

Red Signals

The paler the skin, the more this lashing of red can flatter and adds a splash of colour to the lips. By using a pencil of a slightly darker shade around the outline, this creates an effect of bigger and fuller lips. Bare in mind that red lipstick needs to ‘bleed’ so therefore lining the lips is important in creating this effect. Don’t be scared to experiment with different shades and tones, mixing them together can help create a colour that suits you best.

Eye Liner in Full Effect


Wearing eyeliner on the bottom of the eye, adds a dramatic and sexy touch, it can also be used to brighten the eyes. If you are wanting to create a sexy and dramatic look,  line the bottom eye with a smokey toned  eyeliner then gently smudge using your index finger. For brightening the eyes, use a white or peach coloured pencil, this will make your eyes appear more awake and alert. Continue by adding a generous layer of mascara to your top lashes.

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