Travelling Through the New York Sky Ride

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New York Sky RideHave you tried going to an arcade center and trying out their pilot simulation game? Simulator devices are somehow getting you prepared on the real thing ahead. One of the New York’s pride is its Sky Ride.

The New York Sky Ride is a virtual tour simulator that could allow an individual take a virtual tour in the whole city. The Sky Ride is offered and can be experienced on the Empire State Building's second floor and it is accompanied by an audio tour that is narrated by Kevin Bacon.

With this type of tour, in just half an hour, one could actually tour the entire city. Much less time and much less effort, right? Due to the continuing advancement of technology, people can now have all they want in an easy access if they have enough money to purchase such service.

The New York Sky Ride offers a flight simulation that allows its users to fly at over 30 different sites in the city. Aside from the audio tour and the simulation, there are two other shows that are played in order to fully understand and appreciate the place. The first one is a seven-minute program that discusses the history of the Empire State Building. Knowing the history of the place where you’re at is surely important. The other is a seven-minute presentation on the "Top 10 Things to do in New York" which is a needed advice of anyone that is new to the city. We are new to the place and we need to be appealing to the citizens of the city in order to make ourselves welcoming.

The New York City Sky Ride is also the reason why most individuals that are new to the city visit the Empire State Building first. Some old time visitors of the city would also offer the Empire State Building as someone’s first destination because if an individual would like to visit the whole place and don’t know which way to go; a simulation will really help such person. Also, if you are saving time and would like to see some of the other hotspots in New York without necessarily having to tour them all, then the Sky Ride is the best answer.

The New York Sky Ride is open from 8 am until 10 pm every day of the year. However, during holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, the schedule of the Sky Ride is justifiably shorter. Usually, the simulation takes about half an hour so visitors can easily budget their time to include this show. Tickets are for sale at the New York Sky Ride Box Office or if you would want to have the tickets in advanced and in a discounted price, purchasing it online is a good idea. Combo tickets for the Empire State Building Observatory and the New York Sky Ride are also possible and it is available for purchase at the same ticketing office. Before taking a look at the Empire State Building Observatory, it is recommended to view the New York Sky Ride show first. Join the fun and get your NYC tour from an accredited agent today.


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