Trend Talk: 6 Fall Fashions You Need to Invest In This Year

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Trend Talk- 6 Fall Fashions You Need to Invest In This YearThe hottest days of summer are still ahead, but fashion designers and retailers have already started to unveil their fall clothing collections. Here are some styles to look for in stores.

Dress Styles

1) Gathered waistlines are making a comeback. This seems like a minor detail, but after the popularity of the smooth skater silhouette, a different style of skirt warrants notice. Skater dresses are the A-line frocks that women wore to emulate Zooey Deschanel and the women on Mad men. These dresses flare out dramatically and create the illusion of a tiny waist. A skirt that falls from a gathered waistline hangs straight and does not draw attention to the figure.

2) The blouson silhouette is another trend that is most evident in dresses. This look is created when a dress has a drawstring or elasticized waistline that falls at the natural waist, causing excess fabric to billow out around the torso. Women who downplay their feminine figures are going to be fashion forward this fall. The tailored, carefully constructed look is out. Men's clothing has returned to a more casual, grungy look as well, as seen at

3) A third style of dress to look for is the smock dress. Smock dresses are straight and loose. They are not particularly flattering, nor are they meant to be. They are strictly for fans of fashion, and some people might not understand why so many women are suddenly wearing clothes that do not show off their best assets. They are vehicles for interesting prints and backgrounds for interesting accessories. Smock dresses usually have dropped waists, and some of them have an additional tier at the natural waistline.

Prints and Designs

4) Tribal prints are at the forefront this season. This is an extension of the bohemian trend, which has been slowly gaining more and more prominence for the past decade. Women who do not want to wear a lot of long layers can still participate in the trend by wearing fitted garments with tribal prints on them.

5) Simple geometric jewelry is another offshoot of styles that are rooted in natural living. Rough stones are affixed to chains with metallic wires. Charms on necklaces and earrings look like symbols or runes. Some of these charms look like vague approximations of Illuminati imagery, a subject that has been getting a lot of press in the pop cultural media lately.

The Classic Throwback

6) Crop tops are back in a big way. The fall weather dictates that they be worn as top layers over slim-fitting tank tops, so this trend is open to women of all sizes.

This fall's hottest fashions emphasize stylized comfort and casual fits.

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