Trendy House with Wall Decors

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Nowadays people are looking for trend, whatever the house is either own house or rented. Modernizing the house includes wall Curtaindecorations also. In a house there are living room, kitchen, bedroom, lawn, etc each have different decorations

Curtain décor
Curtain décor includes, covering the window with curtain. This looks classic, and the curtain is to be arranged fully to cover the wall. The color of the curtain should match the wall color and the living room couch.

Sticker decor
Nowadays wall sticker is modernizing the house. We can stick it in wall and then based on that we can arrange the things in the room. It’s nice to hang photo frames in mid of stickers. In shop there are huge varieties of stickers, we can purchase it according to the wall color.

Wall decor

Wall decor

Paint décor
Paint décor is the classic form of sticker décor. In this different artistic designs are to be painted on the wall. There are various painting models like, the roller brush with moulds, which will brush up some designs. For Painting on wall itself there are separate teams of peoples working.

Décor with frames
In Plain Wall we can hang our memorable Pictures, which will show off our life. If any family member is a sports person means, they can use their sports things to decorate their house. If the person had got many medals and awards means then it can be placed on the wooden slab.

Art Décor
Art décor is fully made of Hand made decorative things. If the person is good in Embroidery work then she can make different designs and paste it on the wall, or if the person is good in Art from waste, they can make different designs and hang it out on the wall.

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