Use with Precaution: How to Use Five Household Items Safely

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Use with Percaution How to Use Five Household Items SafelyMany household items we commonly use are dangerous if used incorrectly. We rarely give this much thought, unless an accident occurs. Keep yourself safer in your home by following these safety tips. 


Although it may sound counterintuitive, you should keep knives sharpened. Dull knives are more prone to slipping when used because more force must be applied to cut meat or other items. 

When using knives to cut anything, always hold the handle securely and cut in a direction leading away from your body. Keep your other hand away from the blade. 

When hand washing dishes, wash kitchen knives separately. Otherwise, knives may rest unseen beneath other items, and you risk cutting yourself when reaching into the water. Make sure your knife is high quality to avoid injury. For high quality knives check them out here.


Chlorine bleach is one of the most common products used for cleaning and disinfecting. However, bleach can be dangerous if mishandled. When pouring bleach, do so slowly and carefully to avoid splashes. If any gets on your skin, was it off immediately to avoid a chemical burn. If it gets in your eyes, flush your eyes with water and contact a medical professional or poison control center for further instruction.

Bleach combined with ammonia creates deadly fumes. Never mix it with other cleaning products. Even residual ammonia on a rag or sponge will interact with bleach. 


Keep the interior of your microwave clean. A buildup of grease or food particles can interfere with proper function and can even start a fire.

Only use dishes marked as safe for use in a microwave. 

Food, and especially liquids, cooked in a microwave can achieve scalding temperatures very quickly. Take extra care when removing food from your microwave. 

Clothes Dryer

Clothes dryer lint is exceptionally flammable. A buildup of this lint in the dryer can cause a fire. Clean the lint trap after each use. Consult your dryer’s manual for other cleaning instructions. If you no longer have the manual, contact an appliance repairman for dryer inspection and cleaning. 

Never put clothes that are oily or soaked with solvents or other flammable chemicals in a clothes dryer. 

Space Heater

Space heaters provide a welcome break from chilly weather. Most can be operated safely, as long as you follow certain rules. Never operate space heaters near flammable materials such as drapes or cardboard boxes. Never leave children or pets alone with a space heater. Never leave a space heater on while you are sleeping or away from the home.

Keep space heaters away from water. Many people like to use these heaters to warm bathrooms. If you do this, operate the heater in the bathroom for a while before your shower, and then remove it from the room before you turn on the water. 

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