‘Ways To Develop Your Child’s Creativity

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Imagination and creativity are resources that exists from our birth. So, in order to make a creative person out of your child, you need to provide them with all necessary incentives not only for their physical, but also for their mental development.

Modern pedagogy perceives children as artists since the day they are born, and not just as receptors as the traditional pedagogy does. Nowadays modern science takes into account our children's inner world – their thoughts and feelings, as well as the way they express them. In addition, no matter if it comes to a children or an adult, the inner world of an individual is usually very rich, because they don't only receives information, but also feel it, which makes us capable of expressing it, and therefore – creating things.

But what skills do we need to stimulate in our children in order to support and stimulate their creativity?

Strong will and persistence

It is no secret that all great artists we mostly hard-working, diligent and tireless in their work, because they have literally devoted their lives to their work. So, the first step you need to take in order to make your children creative and imaginative is to provide them with the opportunity to acquire some experience and knowledge about life. If we have to put this in other words. You need to stimulate your children to be initiative, to stimulate their aspiration to search for information and experiment. Leave more freedom to your child in order to give them the opportunity to make their own mistakes from which to learn their lesson.

When children learn something from their personal experience it is difficult for them to forget it. So, parents should have a positive behaviour towards their children's mistakes. It is necessary to stimulate consistency and persistence of your children in order to show them how to reach their goals and teach them not to give up before trying something new.

Sensitivity towards the world that surrounds them

Children learn things by observing the world that surrounds them. Creative people are usually very observant people who have the ability to capture phenomena even in the most ordinary things. Sensitivity allows us all to be open to both the internal and the external world of things, and that is the reason why our children must be able to recognize objects and their characteristics, similarities and differences. This will help them develop their abstract thinking by the abilities to connect, compare and direct their sensitivity to the world that surrounds us.

Flexible behaviour and attitude towards life

Living in the constantly changing social, informational and technological world makes it fundamental to stimulate the flexibility of our children, which will allow them to adapt easily to new situations. It is all about expanding the knowledge of the child and teaching them that there are different points of view. The child should bot be content with the information obtained, which means they should be stimulated via constant learning new and interesting things.

Originality and uniqueness

The importance of originality and uniqueness is constantly highlighted in today's modern world. That is why stimulating the confidence of our children, as well as their self-respect and discretion are considered one of the most important things. There are children who are afraid of being different from the others, which is the reason why they ignore their own ideas, and thus lose their creativity and originality. It is important to teach your child how to respect the personality, characteristics and peculiarities of every person but most importantly – to respect their one skills and ideas. The child be aware that their happiness does not depend on what other thing of them, but on their own self-esteem and self-confidence.

Ability to synthesize and analyse information

These two skills are one of the most essential ones when it comes to developing your children's imagination. By synthesizing the information children get they will be able to standardize different parts that form certain object or event. All this information is being structured in the child's mind in order to help them create an image of something. This is called reproductive imagination, and is one of the basics of creative thinking.

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