Weekend Home Renovations

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We tend to spend so much time in our homes that we take them for granted and do not realize how important they are to us. Having a home that is more organized and beautiful tends to make us and our families much happier. Achieving your ideal aesthetic in your home can seem overwhelming and hopeless, but it does not have to be the case. Here are some home renovation projects that not only improve the entire aesthetic of your home, but which can also be completed over the weekend.

Put Together a More Inviting Entrance to Your Home

Creating a more appealing and inviting entry way into your home will not only increase your home's curb appeal, but will also make everyone (especially you) feel happier when entering your house. Start by giving your door a makeover–this is your chance to paint it a color that you love and replace the hardware with a more attractive alternative. Add potted plants or flowers near your front door to boost the welcome charm. Consider adding unique, decorative lighting that brightens the walkway and complements your home's architecture.

Replace Unsightly or Outdated Light Fixtures

Light fixtures play a large part in determining how a home looks. Replacing a light fixture is much easier than it looks, and can help in giving your home the feel you desire. New light fixtures can add a clean and put together look to your home. You may consider turning a cherished light fixture into the focal point in your dining area or adding different types of lighting. Lighting can highlight room elements, serve particular task functions, or create a cozy atmosphere.

Repaint Those Chipped and Dirty Bathroom Cabinets

It is easy to forget to address the bathroom cabinets, which is why they are often stained and displaying year's worth of wear and tear. Repainting or refinishing your bathroom cabinets with a sander can make a big difference in the way your entire bathroom looks. Remember that you are not repainting the entire bathroom, but just the cabinets, so be adventurous with the color that you paint them.

Replace Shower, Sink or Drawer Hardware Fixtures

There is a good chance that your showers and sinks are not providing a desired water pressure or are out of style. The drawer knobs and handles in your kitchen or bathroom might be outdated and not reflective of your personal taste. Hardware fixtures are small but contribute to a fresher look for your home. Replacing these fixtures calls for a few tools and following some basic instructions.

Replace an Inefficient or Ugly Appliance

An energy inefficient appliance can wreak havoc on your annual energy bill and can drag down the overall appearance of a room. If an appliance such as a stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, or dryer is more than 15 years old, then it’s likely to be highly inefficient and unsightly in appearance. If this is the case, consider replacing an appliance with a model that uses 15 to 40 percent less energy and that suits your aesthetic tastes.


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