What are the Top Women’s Fashion Trends for the Coming Months?

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womens trends in fashionLooking great and feeling amazing is something that we all want to achieve every day of our lives.  We can assure ourselves of this in many ways, from what we eat, to the amount of exercise we have, and the cosmetic products we use. The crowning glory, of course, and often the most important thing, is the clothes that we wear.

Pulling out last years’ tired old togs to dress ourselves up is not often going to have the desired effect, unfortunately, which means that you need to arm yourself with the best information so you can look the best you possibly can over the coming months. We looked at the biggest trends that you can expect to find throughout the spring and into summer, whether you are headed into town for a leisurely browse around your favourite stores, or prefer getting your fashions from the e-commerce route.

Floral Prints

Okay, so this is one trend you might be able to recycle if you were on board with it during the summer of 2012. If you weren’t, however, then fear not, as floral is back for 2013 with even braver and more colourful patterns. It seems like the fashion industry was treating last year as a trial run to see if people would go for it. They did, so why not make it even bigger and better?

The great thing is that if you love florals you can get them into almost anything you wear. Jeans with floral detail around the pockets and seams are a great look, and in addition you can find dresses, tunic tops, skirts, and even accessories that play on the trend and come together to give you an all-round amazing look.

If floral is not a key part of your wardrobe this season, there is no doubt you are missing a trick.

Oriental Inspiration

While some of the floral designs we mentioned just now will be inspired by a flavour of the Orient, there is a whole trend dedicated to that area itself.

Perhaps the most exciting thing with Oriental fashions that are finding their way into stores this year is that it is not just a case of clothes featuring dragon and bird detailing, but dresses and other items actually created in the Japanese style. Expect to see fashions with a sleek and elegant look in your favourite store, and look out for those perfect pieces that can easily fit into both formal and casual occasions, great for when you finish work and want to head out to meet friends or feel comfortable when you arrive home.

Back to the Eighties

Whenever the 1980’s and fashion are mentioned in the same sentence, it is usually alongside words such as ‘shocking’ and ‘unattractive.’ It is something of a surprise then, that 80’s inspirations have found their way into this year’s trends. Thankfully, most stores have gone no further than jackets with big shoulder pads, although if you want to get the look yourself there is nothing to stop you heading out to the salon and getting an era-inspired haircut!

Get the hottest fashions in your wardrobe over the coming months, turn heads and enjoy admiring glances wherever you go.

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