What Kind Of Make Up Brushes Do You Really Need

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What kind of make up brushes do you buy? Perhaps every time you get into a cosmetic shop you start asking yourself the same confusing question. There is such a great variety of make up brushes, that most of us eventually leave the store with a whole set of brushes. This is certainly not the best choice. Well, unless you have decided to become a professional maker-up, of course. Otherwise we are absolutely sure that half of these brushes you will never use.


          When you buy make up brushes, you should select them one by one – each with its own purpose. And before even going to the store, consider very carefully what kind of make up you usually use – lipstick, foundation, powder or eye shadows. The brushes and applicators that are sold with the make up, are not always the most appropriate solution, since most of them are with very poor quality. 

Synthetic or  natural bristle brushes?

Make up brushes are something quite individual and you will have to consider very carefully which is the best choice for you. Natural bristle brushes are a bit more durable. They are very appropriate for powdered beauty products, because they allow you to use larger amounts of make up without worrying that it will penetrate deep into the fibers. On the other hand, if you use more water-based products, perhaps synthetic bristle brushes are the best solution for you, since they are quite more flexible. 

Different types of makeup brushes

 Foundation brush

If you use foundation, then you will definitely need to buy such a brush. It is very important for the proper application of the product. There is big variety of shapes and types  – rounded, square and even with a tapering tip. The last one is very useful for some difficult areas, like the nose curve. Of course, is you prefer make up sponges, then you can skip this one. 

Powder brush

Powder brush is a must-have, especially if you are pale-faced. The main principle of these brushes is – the bigger the brush is, the lower the risk of powder spots on your face becomes. 

Kabuki brush

Kabuki brush usually has a short, flat (or rounded) handle. Unlike the other types of makeup brushes ( where the handle is at least several times the length of the bristles ) kabuki bristles are usually as long as the handle itself and because of that it is usually used for powder foundation and blush. 

Lipstick brush

If you prefer wearing a lipstick, rather than gloss, then such a brush can save you a lot of time and efforts. Of course, you can put on your lipstick without a brush. But if you choose to buy it, you can be sure that the lipstick will be far more durable and your lips will look thicker. And kissable 🙂


Compact, universal brush

This type of brushes are the perfect solution if you have planned to travel. They have a cover, which protects them during the trip. Besides, you will no longer soil your make up kit with make up.

 Paula Sheamus is a fashion and beauty guest writer. She works at  Tidy Cleaning Ltd.   and is very happy because she can afford to go shopping and have some fun time every week.

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