What Really Contributes to Baldness?

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What Really Contributes to BaldnessBaldness is a concern for many men and women. One out of three men will end up bald or will start to bald by the age of 60. Many others begin balding at a younger age. While many people believe genetics play a role in baldness, others claim there is no link. There are several different things that can cause a person to lose their hair, and there are quite a few myths surrounding baldness. Here are some clarifications that will dispel those myths.

Your Mother's Father Causes Baldness

Many people claim baldness runs in the family. While there is a lot of proof of this, there can be exceptions. The primary baldness gene comes from the X chromosome, which is passed down through your mother. While most research focuses on the mother's side, many people notice that a man is likely to go bald if his father is bald.

Hats Cause Baldness

Another old wives' tale is that wearing a hat will kill your hair. Wearing a hat will not harm your hair. The only thing you need to worry about with a hat is how often you wash it. Grease from a dirty hat can cause infections in the scalp. Wash your hat often to keep it clean and free of oil and dirt.

Hair Gel is to Blame

The idea that hair gel and hair spray cause balding is another myth. These items do not cause balding, but using them too much can damage the protein in your hair and make it brittle and weak.

Carbohydrates Cause Hair Loss

Some rumors say there is a link between hair loss and carbohydrates. Our bodies need healthy carbohydrates for energy, but many people load up on empty carbs, which can contribute to a number of health problems. There are studies being conducted to determine if there is a link between low protein consumption and hair loss. These studies claim that increasing your intake of iron, or taking iron supplements, can assist in preventing hair loss.

Sexually Active Men Lose Their Hair

Some people claim that men who are the most sexually active are the first to lose their hair. This is another myth; there is no link between different testosterone levels and hair loss.

Stress Causes Baldness

This one is true. When dealing with emotional stress, your body seeks ways to relieve it. Your body can start to have problems growing hair if you are under a lot of stress. If you start exercising, you may notice your hair starts to thicken. This is because your body is able to manage stress through exercise, and may allow your hair to grow back.

Hormones Cause Baldness

This is the real culprit with baldness. A hormone deficiency or imbalance can cause problems with hair growth. If your scalp is unable to get the nutrients it needs, the hair follicles start shutting down. Prescription pills and specialized shampoos can prevent this by combating the overgrowth of hormones that cause hair loss.


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