What To Pack In Your Hand Luggage When Flying With Kids

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family-tourIt is very difficult to predict every possible situation, when you're planning a trip with your kids. Especially if you're flying with a plane and you've chosen some exotic destination, the only thing you want to be concerned about is what type of a sun lotion to buy.  But unfortunately, the little ones are always up to some creative mischief and manage to drive you nuts in every possible way. Here we offer you some tricks how to occupy their attention in order to enjoy a nice and relaxing trip.

Always get some toys in your hand luggage

     As a whole, traveling with a plane can be a bit scary experience, even for adults. Your kids can get a bit nervous and even start panicking. So, in order to prevent such uncomfortable situations, you will have to pack some of their favorite toys. The cute, little Teddy bear; the Barbie doll or a couple of their favorite toy cars. No matter what you choose to get, it has to be something, which will charge your kids with some positive emotions and calm them down.

Wet wipes and handkerchiefs

     In fact these are things which you always have to bring with you, when going out or traveling with your children. Just imagine the whole situation, in which you are on the airport and one of your kids sees a tasty-looking, chocolate ice cream and starts (of course, on the top of their voice) begging you to buy it. There'll be chocolate all over their face, hands and even their shoes. In some cases you just don't have time to go to the nearest toilet and this is exactly when you'll find handkerchiefs and wet wipes so useful. Also, wet wipes are really functional and can be used for disinfection and cleaning up stains on your clothes.


     During the flight you may want to spend some time on listening to relaxing musics or reading your favorite novel. In this case, you will have to pack a book for your child too. You can devote around twenty minutes on reading their favorite fairytale and then you can do whatever you think will make you trip more pleasant, without worrying about the kids.

Portable video game player

     If your preschoolers are allowed to play with such gadgets, you can take a PSP or some other player in order to entertain them during the whole trip. They are also a very good solution even for you, if you are a game lover.

Extra pair of clothing

     Always be prepared for some surprising situations.  Anything can happen on the plane and a long-sleeved top and a pair of trousers can save you a lot of troubles.

Plastic bags

     Plastic bags are something which can be useful even if you travel alone. You can use them for throwing away food and garbage during the flight. They take up no room and in case you kid gets sick, they are perhaps the quickest solution.


                  In order to relax your kids during the flight, a lot of people give their children some medications. But in case you decide to do this, the first thing you'll have to  make sure of is that these medications are harmless and appropriate for your child. If chosen properly, such pills can make your kid feel more comfortable and sleepy.


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