Why is There a Need for Wedding Invitations?

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A wedding invitation is always needed as a part of any wedding preparation. An invitation could be done personally or thru formal wedding card invitations. The purpose of a wedding invitation is to share the good news of the unity in marriage of two people in love. It is also a message inviting close friends and relatives to become witness as the wedding couple exchanges their vows.

il_fullxfull.385497084_anvrFriends and relatives are happy to receive wedding invitations and mostly are excited about the news. They look forward to the event as it becomes also a sort of reunion

There are advantages in sending formal invitations.

Sending out invitation is one way of controlling budget expenses in a wedding celebration. The number of guests could be planned in advance by both the bride and the groom. This way, they will have an idea on the expected number of guests, and proper estimate could be done for food preparation as well as the cost for the whole thing.

Invitations are sent out one or two weeks before the wedding and confirmation is usually requested for refinement of the guest list.

Some wedding invitations indicate motifs and attires. Someone who receives this message would know what to wear and what to expect in the wedding party. If the motif is pink, the entourage, flowers, cakes and décor are done in pink. Guests are suggested to wear pink, but this is not strictly followed all the time.

Printing of the invitation is not much of a problem, as this could be done by a printing press, or it could be committed to a wedding planner for a fee. The invitation bears the names of the bride and groom, the place, date and time of wedding. It also includes names of the whole entourage. An overly romantic couple devotes a page in the invitation to love messages to each other.

In the early years, there was no formal invitation card to a wedding. Everything was done thru personal invitation, and so there was no control in the number of guests coming to the occasion. Wedding celebrations took several days and had become to be costly.

These days, the more practical and efficient way of inviting someone, is thru sending out of formal invitations. It helps the couple in efficient planning, and in estimating the cost of the wedding. At the same time, there is a feeling of excitement on meeting the guests who have confirmed their presence on the very special day of their lives.

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