Why Not DIY Your Jewelry

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In the past, people used to say a girl will doll herself up for him who loves her, but now we should boldly advocate: please yourself to please others.

Today, there are a lot of choices to please yourself, such as travel, spa, shopping, parties, enjoying the food, and so on. Well, but the premise of doing these things is to dress up your own.

When it comes to dress up yourself, we will immediately think of the jewelry.

First, let us go into the world of the necklace.



Yes, it’s as easy as that just a simple and decent necklace matches a dress, no any others. We have to admit that this necklace has brought unexpected fashion effect, but not every necklace is suitable for you, in fact, which kind of necklace you should choose depends on your interest and temperament.

If you are a sweet girl, you can try about some pure, fresh, and bright necklaces.


If you are an introverted and calm lady, and want to make yourself look tasteful and stylish, well, some darker in color, simple and easy necklaces are your choice.


Today, I also will introduce some personalized jewelry.


Second, many delicate and special bracelets will come into your eyes.

In my opinion, bracelets are absolutely necessary for stylish women. You can imagine, when you pass something to others, at the same time show him your beautiful bracelet, which, I believe, will give you bonus points. So why not choose some suitable bracelets?



Even, some bracelet design looks very delicate, have the strong fashion sense, and can increase your personal taste.


Ok, after appreciating these ornaments, I guess you will think they are so beautiful, and must be very expensive. No, your visual cheat you.

These ornaments are made of acrylic. Their burnish is very brilliant, bright is as diamonds, but the cost is greatly decreased.

Even, if your manually ability is especially strong, creative and innovation ability

also is outstanding, why not do it yourself.

I have done many ornaments myself, and bought some jewelry beads and findings materials from the wholesale website, such as pandahall, where you can buy what you need, even can learn how to make jewelry on Inspiration Projects. What is more, the price is very good.

Not much said; let me show some jewelry that I designed.







8 7



Well, it is not difficult to finish them; the inspiration is from some big jewelry brands, like Chanel, Gucci, Cartier, Swarovski, Chow Tai Fook.

If you also like to focus on fashion information, and really like some big-name fashion accessories, but the high prices allows you to suppress the desire. So what are you waiting for, just come on!


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