Are women better drivers than men?

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One of the most common stereotypes of the world we live in is that women are generally worse drivers than men. While some held this as the absolute truth (as some people always do), others disputed it as nothing but a sexist cliché. However, in the light of some recent researches, there are some results claiming that it could actually be the other way around. There are some driving behaviors which are more common in women and can significantly reduce the risk of a car accident. Needless to say, here are some of them.

Less likely to tailgate
          When it comes to some of the aforementioned driving patterns, the results are staggering. For example, tailgating is one of the most dangerous road related activities, which can often end in an accident. By allowing yourself a minimal distance between the vehicle in front of you, you are minimizing the chances of being able to stop in time, should the situation dictate it. A recent research showed that women are far less likely to tailgate than men are. In fact, the difference is almost incredible since almost 27% of men are likely to tailgate while the same can be said for under 1% of women drivers.

Politer in traffic
         Now, some would like to call this nothing more than a facade, but it is a fact that women are far politer drivers than men are. Namely 39% of women are polite drivers as opposed to 28% in men. Some would instantly spring on this piece of data by claiming that it has nothing to do with causing an accident but they couldn’t be more wrong. A roadside quarrel is one of the most common distractions which is a perfect opportunity for a mistake to be made. When you take into consideration a fact that over 90% of accidents are human error caused, you get the full gravity of this situation.

Women are more devoted learners
          In a recent conversation with people behind driving school from Melbourne, it came to our attention that women are more avid learners than men are. What this means is that a formal form of education suits them more and they are far more likely to master theoretical part of the driving before ever sitting behind the wheel. On the other hand, men are more likely to learn on experience and in this way also more likely to overlook something. All of this when combined just means that when they finally hit the road, women have better theoretical background which allows them to abide the rules of the road more appropriately.

Less risky
          Finally, women are much less risky than men are which makes all the difference in traffic. Now, some say that this is mostly a confidence thing, but this kind of confidence is seldom a positive thing. Underestimating road conditions, overestimating your driving skills or even a power of your vehicle are all things that men are more likely to do than women are. However, this goes even further than that, since it is also more likely that women are going to put on a belt and less likely that they will sit intoxicated behind a wheel.
As you can see, for the first time in the history of the motor vehicles, the stats are in the favor of the fairer sex. This however, doesn’t mean that all women are better drivers than all men, only that statistically, there is a smaller chance of women causing a traffic accident than there is for men.

However, it still all comes down to one’s personal roadside behavior and skill in driving. In both of these things there is always room for improvement.

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